The film Bolden is a story about genius and beauty in a violent, racist world. 1931 New Orleans. Louisiana State Insane Asylum. A nurse turns on the radio in the asylum where Buddy Bolden, the forgotten inventor of jazz has been an inmate for 25 years. Bolden hears Louis Armstrong’s music, catapulting him through a fractured journey back to the dark and magical world of early 1900s New Orleans when Bolden dared to fly too close to the sun. Bolden director Dan Pritzker studied religion and law in school, wrote songs and played guitar with Chicago based R+B band Sonia Dada for 15 years and lives in San Francisco, CA. Pritzker made one previous film, a 70 minute silent movie, Louis, with music composed by Wynton Marsalis and 19th century American composer Louis Morreau Gottschalk. Louis has been screened with a live jazz orchestra accompaniment in Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and London.